Yogurt Pasteurizer (4 Sections)

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Yogurt Pasteurizer (4 Sections)Yogurt-Pasteurizer-4-Sections

This machine is specially designed for yogurt production, the technical parameters are as following: inlet at 5°C?65°C (homogenizer) ?pasteurize at 90~95°C (hold for 300S) ?outlet at 43°C. This system adopts 90~95°C, holding for 5 minutes procedure, which ensures to get a most suitable pasteurize efficiency.

This system use PGB type temperature holding tank to keep temperature for 5 minutes. Structure of the holding tank: adopts SUS 304-2B stainless steel as material, the coil tubes are insulated by silicate in the tank.

Technical Parameter

Model Processing power(T/H) Heat transfer area The total power The steam consumption of Installation dimemtions The weight
LC-BR16-SN-0.5 0.5 5 5.2 80 1200x1200x1800 780kg
LC-BR16-SN-1 1 8 5.2 110 1500x1500x2000 950kg
LC-BR16-SN-1.5 1.5t/h 11 6 130 2000x1600x2000 980kg
LC-BR16-SN-2 2t/h 14 6 160 2200x2000x2500 1020kg
LC-BR26-SN-3 3t/h 21 8 190 2400x2000x2500 1120kg
LC-BR26-SN-5 5t/h 30 11 320 2600x2000x2500 1260kg
LC-BR26-SN-10 10t/h 54 11 620 2800x2000x2500 1680kg


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