Stainless Steel Filter Press

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Stainless Steel Filter Press


Detailed Product Description:

In addition to the machine with the motor, the other parts are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, suitable for filtering a variety of PH value of acid and alkali solution, the application of pressurized sealed filter, the filtrate loss, filter quality, efficiency high. The filter part consists of nine layer of filter plate, the filter area is large, the flow is large; and according to the different filters, and according to the user production flow size can be appropriate to reduce or increase the number of filter plate, making it suitable for the production needs, so the machine has a multi-purpose use of a wide range of features; filters, thereby reducing and saving production cost, the machine is equipment with stainless steel infusion pump, with a small motor, power consumption province. The base is equipped with wheels, easy to operate, mobile and flexible, available for mobile use.

The machine is stainless steel multi-layer plate and frame filter press, for the concentration of 50% or less operations, in line with fine filter, half fine filter requirements, direct selection of micropous membrane, filter can be without microporous membrane filter can achieve the purpose of sterile filtration. The filter area is large, the flow is large, the use range is large, so in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries have a wide range of uses.


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