RCN Thermal Reversed Flow Distillation Concentrator

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RCN Thermal Reversed Flow Distillation Concentrator


Detailed Product Description:

The secondary steam continues to rise, condensed into a hot condensate through the condenser, fall into the extraction tank for new solvent added to the drug surface, the new solvent from top to bottom through the drug layer to the bottom of the extraction tank, herbs in the soluble effective to the extraction tank as a heat source and a new solvent, the formation of the new solvent large reflux extraction, so the solute density of herbs and solvent solute density to maintain a high gradient, herbs in the solute high-speed dissolution until completely dissolution (extract colorless). At this point, the extract was withdrawn from the concentrator and the concentrated secondary steam was transferred to the cooler and the concentration was continued until the ointment required for the specific gravity (1.2-1.34) was concentrated. Extract the tank of colorless liquid can be put into the tank for the next batch, the residue from the slag discharge, if the use of organic solvent extraction, the first increase the amount of water, open through and jacket steam, recovery solvent, the slag off.


  1. The amount of paste can be increased by 10-15% than the cans, ointment containing more than 1 times the effective ingredients. As in the extraction process, the hot solvent is continuously applied to the drug surface, from top to bottom through the medicinal layer, dissolve the solute in the solute, the solute content in the solvent and the solute content of the solvent to maintain a high gradient, solute high-speed dissolution, until the complete dissolution, the effective component extraction rate is high, concentrated in a set of sealing equipment to complete, the loss is very small, high conversion rate, so the high rate of cream, ointment active ingredient content.
  2. Due to high-speed dissolution of solute, extraction time is short, concentrated and extracted simultaneously, so herbs to concentrate cream only 7-8 hours, high utilization of equipment, so investment province.
  3. A single device, an area of small, high utilization of equipment, so the investment province.
  4. The extraction of only one solvent, in a set of sealed equipment within the recycling, the residue in the solvent can be recovered, so the amount of solvent then the extraction of more than 30% of the tank, the consumption rate can be reduced by 50-70%, which for the organic solvent extraction, purification of active ingredient in the paving the way.
  5. Due to the concentration of secondary steam for the extraction of heat, into the concentrator extract and concentration with the same temperature, can save more than 50% of the steam, the operation is very simple, reducing the operator.


This equipment is suitable for plant herbs, Chinese herbal medicines, animals, food additives. Using water, ethanol, methanol, acetone and other extraction and organic solvent recovery and concentraction.

Technical Parameters:

  • Extraction tank volume: 1m3 2m3 3m3 6m3
  • Concentrator volume: 0.5m3 1m3 1.5m3 2.5m3
  • Water temperature: 900~1000°C
  • Alcohol extraction temperature: 78~83°C
  • Extraction time: 5~6 hours/batch
  • Vacuum degree: 0.05 to 0.08 Mpa
  • The use of pressure: 0.08~0.2 Mpa

Working principle:

The medicine into the extraction tank, add 5 to 10 times the solvent such as water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, ect. (according to process requirements). Open the extraction tank through and jacket steam valve, so that the extract heated to boiling 20-30 minutes, with a filter tube 1/3 extract into the concentrator. Close the extraction tank through and jacket steam, open the heater valve to concentrate the liquid. Concentration generated when the secondary steam, through the evaporator the extract the extraction tank for the extraction of heat and solution to maintain the extraction boiling.


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