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Pasteurization Equipment Block


Product specification:

Pasteurization process parameters of the unit: 5°C (homogeneous), 85-65°C (15s). This equipment is suitable for heating, sterilizing and cooling of heat sensitive liquid such as fresh milk, juice beverage and alcohol. The equipment has high heat recovery, low energy consumption, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The unit can connect the equipment such as separator, homogeneous machine and flash steam degas. The unit usually used to make pasteurized to materials (including raw milk, milk beverage, fruit juice and other kinds of drinks, all kinds of wine and ice cream, ect.), can also in the production of mainly long-term (milk) as raw material for sterilization.

Technical parameters:

Model Processing power(T/H) Heat transfer area The total power The steam consumption of Installation dimemtions The weight
BR16-3-0.5 0.5 5 5.2 52 1200x1200x1500 790kg
BR16-3-1 1 8 5.2 60 1500x1500x1800 880kg
BR16-3-2 2t/h 13 6 104 1800x2000x1800 980kg
BR26-3-3 3t/h 20 6 156 2000x2000x2200 1080kg
BR26-3-4-5 4-5t/h 30-45 8 260 2250x2000x2200 1250kg
BR26-3-6-8 6-8t/h 35-50 8 400 2250x2000x2200 1250kg
BR26-3-10 10t/h 60 11 520 2800x2000x2200 1650kg
BR26-3-15 15t/h> 75 15 780 3000x2200x2200 2150kg
BR26-3-20 20t/h 80 18 945 3300x2200x2200 2350kg

It can be made according to the needs of the guests.


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