Multi-function Extractor And Evaporator

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Multi-function Extractor And Evaporator


Detailed Product Description:

This equipment is suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, food dairy and other materials and industrial organic solvents (such as alcohol) recovery, for small quantities, more varieties of heat-sensitive materials, low-temperature vacuum concentration.


  1. Alcohol recovery: recovery capacity, the use of vacuum enrichment process. Than the old similar equipment to improve productivity 5-10 times, reduce energy consumption by 30%, with small investment, high recovery characteristics.
  2. Concentrated liquid: the use of natural heating and vacuum evaporation combined with the way, evaporation spedd, the concentration ratio of up to 1.3; liquid material in the sealed state without foam concentration, with the equipment concentrated medicine liquid, with non-polluting, herbs thick characteristics, and small size. Heater, evaporator with stainless steel insulation structure, insulation layer of stainless steel sheet made of stainless steel, the surface is done mirror or matte treatment.

Technical Parameters:

 Parameter model  LC-WZ-500  LC-WZ-1000  LC-WZ-1500  LC-WZ-2000
 Evaporation (kg/h)  500  1000  1500  2000
 Steam pressure (Mpa)  <0.25
 Vacuum degree (Mpa)  <0.08
 Concentration  1.2-1.3
 Dimensions long×wide×high (m)  2×1×3  2.2×1.2×3.3  2.5×1.3×3.5  4.6×2.35×5.1


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