Combined Type CIP System

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Combined Type CIP System


The system can perform the acid cleaning, alkali cleaning and hot water cleaning separately. And also the system can draw up the special full-auto cleaning program according to the request. It will not only can cleaning all the equipments efficiently, but also can limit the growing of the microorganism, meanwhile, we can also deploy the semi-auto and full-auto controlling system according to the customer’s requipments.

Technical Parameter

Model  LC-LTCIP-0.5*3 LC-LTCIP-0.8*3 LC-LTCIP-1.3
Overall dimensions(m) Long*Wide*High 3.2*1.4*1.6 5*1.8*2 5.5*1.8*2.1
Equipment weight Approximately equal to the 550kg Approximately equal to the 650kg Approximately equal to the 800kg
Manual basic technical parameters The inner bile SUS304, the thickness of 3mm; The outsourcing thickness of 1.5mm; Pu heat insulation, coil heating, single loop, whole bracket SUS304, manual control, flow 10 cubic meters per hour, 32 meter head, power 3kw, operating platform, stainless steel distribution cabinet
Semi-automatic basic parameters The inner bile SUS304, the thickness of 3mm; the outsourcing thickness of 1.5mm; Pu heat preservation, heating coil, single loop, the overall support SUS304, manual control, traffic 10 cubic meters per hour, 32 meters of lift, power 3kw, germany baode imported temperature control system, operation platform, stainless steel distribution cabinets

Note: it can be made according to the needs of the guests


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