Aseptic Plate Sterilizer (UHT)

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Aseptic Plate Sterilizer (UHT)


Control mode: automatic (PLC control, touch screen display)

The process parameters are 5°C ? 65°C (homogeneous) ? 137°C (3-5S) ? 20°C to 25°C. The system uses ultra-high temperature treatment, so that liquid dairy products, tea drinks, fruit juice to achieve strict sterilization, and then into the aseptic packaging, the sterilization temperature of 137°C, the temperature holding time of 3-5S, so as to maintain beverages, dairy products, the original nutritional color and flavor. The device has a high heat recovery rate, compact structure, beautiful, temperature control and other characteristics, this product has hot filling, the material temperature control, but also cold filling.

Technical Parameter

Model Production capacity (L/H) Material inlet temperature Holding time (S) Sterilization temperature Material outlet temperature Ice water inlet temperature Steam pressure Steam consumption Compressed air pressure Compressed air consumption Dimensions Total weight
LC-UHT-1 1000 50 C >4-15 105~143°C 20°C ≤2°C 0.5MPa ~150kg/h 0.6MPa 50L/H 3500*2000*2500 1700kg
LC-UHT-2 2000 5°C 4-15 105~143°C 20°C ≤2°C 0.5MPa ~210kg/h 0.6MPa 50L/H 3500*2000*2500 2000kg
LC-UHT-3 3000 5°C 4-15 105~143°C 20°C ≤2°C 0.5MPa ~280kg/h 0.6MPa 60L/H 4500*2500*2200 2200kg
LC-UHT-4 4000 5°C 4-15 105~143°C 20°C ≤2°C 0.5MPa ~350kg/h 0.6MPa 60L/H 5000*2000*2200 2500kg
LC-UHT-5 5000 5°C 4-15 105~143°C 20°C ≤2°C 0.5MPa ~420kg/h 0.6MPa 70L/H 5000*2000*2200 2800kg


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