Automatic Spray Sterilizing Kettle

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Automatic Spray Sterilizing Kettle

Automatic-Spray-Sterilizing Kettle-2

Automatic-Spray-Sterilizing-Kettle 2a

Adaptation scope

Full-function sterilization kettle for all kinds of high temperature packaging materials.

  • Plastic containers: PP bottles, HDPE bottles.
  • Soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum bags, high-temperature cooking bags.
  • Metal containers: tin cans, aluminum cans.
  • Glass container.


Tube lengthmm800300037504000375040004000500060006000
Total lengthmm1300550062506500625065006500750085008500
Total widthmm800160016001600180018002000200020002200
Total heightmm1000170017001700180018002000200020002100
Effective volumem30.122.522.693.
Food boxPc2344444566
Steam consumptionKg/batach80200250270270300360430530630
Equipment powerkW3.71516.516.516.518.5242627.527.5
Set tempreture145°C
 Test pressure0.44 MPa
 Design pressure0.35 MPa



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